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5 Things to STOP doing Immediately to be Successful at Selling Fitness

5 signs that say you're desperate for business



The 7 weird steps I still use that earned me six figures selling PT and memberships!

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There’s lots of information out there about all the things you need to say and do in order to sell more of your services, be it memberships or personal training packages.

But what use are these golden nuggets of advice if you’re offsetting with bad habits you didn’t even know were kiboshing your chances of gaining more clients?

I’m going to give you five signs that tell potential clients you’re desperate for business.

If you’re in hard times, it’s probably down to one or more of the reasons I’m about to share with you .

If you’re making any of these mistakes, identify which ones are hurting you and use the information to overcome them.

1) You’ve got an open schedule.

Obviously if you’ve got an open schedule that’s an issue in itself.

However, that’s not necessarily the problem here.

The problem here is you’re coming off as a trainer who nobody wants to train with AND that your time is not valuable.

If you catch yourself booking appointments and you’re saying something along the lines of ” I’m here from 11am to 7pm, what time can you make it?” your potential client is left believing you’re always available, his time is worth more than yours, and you’re desperate for business.

Even if you’re just coming out with ” what time are you free?” it devalues your worth.

Try instead using an option close and create the urgency.

“I have some times left for this evening if that works , if not it’d have to be tomorrow. Which would you prefer?”

“I have either 2.00pm or 7.30pm available, which one works better for you?”

Since the prospect can’t actually see your schedule or your bank balance, the only thing they can measure you on is the importance of your time versus theirs.

2) You’re not prepared for meeting with a prospect.

That means your physical items such as contract, schedule, pens and also your mental preparedness.

Nothing is worse than appearing like you’re unconfident about yourself and your service.

Fear does not breath confidence.

People are closed on confidence.

Confidence they have made the right decision.

This is especially true when selling fitness as the client is most likely feeling vulnerable about themselves and their decision to such a commitment of time and money on something that potentially won’t give them a return.

Write down a list of things you’re not sure about or questions you might get asked that you don’t have the answer to and go find them before your meeting.

Make a checklist of whatever items you need to have to hand to make a sale and take them with you every time.

Nobody wants to sign up with the person who has to keep leaving the table to go grab a pen or ask a co-worker the answer to a question they don’t know.

3) You’re talking too much.

I don’t know if it’s a West Coast thing or it’s just a people thing but people love to talk.

About themselves.

And guess what? You’re one of those people.

Sorry to break it to ya but those in the fitness industry are some of the worst.

You might think this doesn’t apply to you maybe because you’re not talking about materialistic things or how good looking you are , but you are talking a lot.

Your workouts. Your education. Your advice. Your recommendations. Your current clients. Your opinion on CrossFit. Your bench weight. Your meal prep. Your calve size.

Getting the picture?

Everybody is fighting for the spotlight.

So let your prospect have this moment in the sun where they can talk uninterrupted about what their pains are without someone jumping in with a piece of advice or competing.

Let them talk out loud the pains they want to move away from (being severely overweight) , and the pleasures they want to move towards (hiking with grandkids).

The goal is to let them talk themselves into realization that they need help with their fitness goals.

This is far more powerful than you telling them why they need your help.

4) Thanking the prospect for their time.

I used to be a culprit for this all the time until I realized that in actual fact, the prospect should be thanking me for my time.

Chances are they are only sitting in front of you because they are looking for something-a free consult, prices that they can ‘take home and think about’.

All the while, you’re missing out on actual paying clients.

Don’t give their time superiority over yours.

Let them know from the get go you have an appointment straight after.

If you’re busy, you must be in demand.

If you’re in demand you must be good.

5) Not following up with leads.

There are several reasons why trainers and membership consultants don’t follow up with leads, but that’s a whole other rant I’ll fill you in on later.

If the biggest reason you’re not following up is because you don’t want to come across as ‘pushy’ then I want you to remember this;

This lead became a lead because they needed help, and if you don’t help them, you hurt them.

You didn’t pick their number out of the phone book ( I hope) , their name and number came to you because they reached out because they needed your help.

Most people don’t buy from you because they suck at making decisions.

You need to help them make a decision. You need to get them to the YES.

Or at least get them to the NO so you can start focusing on those who do need your help.

There’s nothing worse than a prospect who’s ‘still thinking about it’.

Create some urgency when you follow up so they need to give you an answer.

E.g. your schedule is filling up, promotional price is expiring, sooner they start training the closer they’ll be to reaching their goal for Summer…

Have something that’s worth calling them for rather than just ‘following up’.

If you’re avoiding reaching out to the people that didn’t buy in the hopes that now the prospect has all the info , they’ll come looking for you when they’re ready, I got news for you:

It doesn’t work that way.

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The 7 weird steps I still use that earned me six figures selling PT and memberships!

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed-no messin' around!